This project is all about self-management. The application is primarily meant to manage tasks. The idea originates from journals in online games. Such journals contain tasks to keep the players engaged to the game. They reward the completion of tasks with points, items or other things. I would like to use gamification approaches as well to improve user’s motivation and engagement.

Tasks can be further organized in projects. A task should be completable within a day. In contrast, projects have a larder duration as they consist of several tasks. The application is meant to aid the user by breaking down projects into smaller units and keep track of the overall progress.

Furthermore, tasks should have some utility for the user. Thus, the application supports the specification of goals. Goals are abstract concepts like “learning a new programming language” or “staying fit”.

Project organization and technology stack

The source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/UweBretschneider/TaskPlanerFX