Uwe Bretschneider

Welcome to my website. On this page, I publish new content about my projects on an irregular basis. You can also find me on Google Plus, Researchgate and Xing.



Currently, I am working on operationalizing my Hate Speech research result. I am looking for a cooperation to further develop the underlying software and to perform field tests.

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In 2017, I finished my PhD in Business Information Systems at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. You can find my publications and projects in the research section of this website. My work was about Text Mining, especially the detection of Hate Speech in unstructured texts. I am still working on this topic by actively developing software solutions.


I am also a software developer and web designer. Some of my projects are public. Please find an overview and more detailed information in the project section.

Development Blog

Finally, I got some sort of article section containing several articles about programming topics.